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Hello, I’m Molly Lewis.

A whistler it seems, though I never really meant for it to be this way. 


Why does one whistle? To communicate, to create, to gesture. For sadness and for joy. It is an instrument unlike any other... a beautiful form of breathing. 


I used to feel self conscious of my whistling, to laugh about it and not take it very seriously. But now, many years of whistling later, well, to hell with all that! I am a professional, and proud to be a keeper of the ancient art of the lips. I have a lounge show called Café Molly, and I travel the world with my music, doing shows, performances, session work, soundtracks and recordings. It is my passion. 

My mentor and hero Geert Chatrou once told me,

 “You don’t choose the whistle, the whistle chooses you”….

And on that note....please enjoy my website! 

I hope to see you at a show someday, somewhere...




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